There’s a reason I’m posting these photos from New Orleans here on my blog instead of where I was originally going to post them. I had seen an announcement for a photo contest and was thinking of submitting a few photos. I was all ready to upload when I read through the agreement and abruptly changed my mind. Why? Because by submitting anything (including the photos I was going to submit) to this website, I would be granting this organization (a news organization, no less) absolute free reign with my photographs to do whatever they see fit with them (to publish, distribute, edit, alter, promote, etc. etc) in perpetuity, with absolutely NO attribution or compensation. Call me crazy, but that doesn’t sound all that fair to me. So I’m posting some photos here on my blog instead.

The other reason is that on this cold, cloudy and snowy January 1st, I want a little reminder of what a steamy and humid August in New Orleans feels like.

Morning at Jackson Square

Morning along Royal St. in the French Quarter

Morning shadows along Royal St. in the French Quarter

View along Magazine St. in the Warehouse district


Washateria along Esplanade Ave, Mid City

House in the French Quarter

Indecipherable natural language, Audubon Park

Sidewalk evangelism, Bourbon St.

Fading advertisement, Warehouse district

Typography, Bywater district

Sculpture garden at Museum of Art, City Park

Side-of-building art, Treme

Self-portrait among demolition debris, Warehouse district

Sky and wires, Bywater district

Cloud reflections in St. John’s Bayou, Mid City