Here are some recent photos of a few of the construction projects going on around town. There’s a lot more going on, of course, but the ones here are either on my radar for one reason or another or easily accessible or just cool buildings, in my humble opinion.


A few shots of the Flats East Bank project with the 23-story office building anchoring the site.



The mostly bland 300+ unit apartment buildings going up along Chester Ave. at CSU.


No new construction here… yet. At far left is Viking Hall (a former Holiday Inn) which CSU plans to knock down in order to build some kind of new mixed-use project. Next to that is the old Wolfe Music building (which used to be a Kinko’s as well and has been vacant for 10+ years now) which they’re also itching to knock down. The building is salvageable and the facade is very cool. I hope it survives.


The Uptown development project at University Circle along Euclid, looking east.




A few shots of the new Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) building under construction at the corner of Euclid and Mayfield. I think the building is great and am really looking forward to its completion.